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The Truong's Foyer
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experience and expectation for the life...
       The root of the family is difficult to verify. For most of us, the root has had the relation with the development of the country, even before the immigration.  The country had settled more than 4000 years, and also the root!
 This site has purpose to limit time of mentioning the root. I love to mention the time of our parents and the time of our childhood, that means about 1945 until our time,... time of the kids 's  growing!
       The purpose of this writting is for our lovable relation between the members in the family, and also  for our children, growing up  in the englishspeaking country.
       When we write this site, we expect the kids  understand the difficulty of struggling for the life of our ancestors, and at least, they know how they are here in this area.
      With this purpose....

        Most of our family located in the United States. But we still have had the relative living elsewhere in the world and in Vietnam. 
       When we create this site,... We never forgot our great family...
       The purpose of this page  is for the children in our family  who are growing here.  
       That is the reason we choose English  to write this site..The notion of writting in Vietnamese is good, but the children couldn't understand all what we plan to do...
       For the notion for language,  our idea is different with some of our friends..."Where ever we live, we must adapt with the environment !"...Did  our ancestor study Chinese or French from generation to generation? didn't  they ?... Each language has had the  feature that we must learn...
      Well,...our foyer  is opening for the serious readers!. like You!....
                                            Thank You...
                                The Truong's Foyer

  the leaves are falling !..  
      Our parents were our ideal images for our lives!... Our mother had an supreme intellgence. Our father, besides intelligence, had a remarkable knowledge of languages: Chinese, Vietnamese, French and beginning learning English few years before he's passing away.
      I would like at this space, to recall a few excellent paragraph in the  Scholar Masterpiece in Chinese,  that we learned from our father " Brilliant Heart,  Precious Resource" (Minh Tam Buu Giam )...but we don't forget before going to school, the child must learn "Chidhood book" ( Dong Au Thu). And after  "Brilliant Heart, Precious Resource", the student begans to study the Texts of Khong Tu...        
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                                                                        "At fifteen years I longed for wisdom. At thirty my mind  was  fixed  in  the pursuit of it. At forty I saw clearly certain principles. At fifty I understood the rule given by heaven. At sixty everything I heard I easily understood. At seventy the desires of my heart no longer transgressed the law"

The Man named Khong Tu...
      Before studying the Texts of Khong Tu, the student must know by heart Minh Tam Buu Giam. For this reason, I would like to present to You the "Geatest Master of All Generations in Anywhere in the world!.."... Khong Tu...
      In the period of Dong Chu ( Empire Chu at the  East ) in the VI th century before Christ, in the region of North-East of China,  Nhan Thi,  the third wife of an mandarin Khong in the region of Lo,  was giving born a child Khong Khau,  with the nickname Trong Ni.
      More than two thousand years,  his name is forgotten, because of  prevention the scorn of his name!... Khong Phu Tu  is named with great respect.or more respectable... Duc Khong Phu Tu . He was more reverend than anyone in the world,  even Holy-Person.  The Catholic pilgrim to China,  at that time,  named him ...Confucius.
      At the age of 3,  with the loss of his parents,  he was living in very miserable condition,  as he mentioned in the  book   "The Logic theme"....   "In my chilhood , I was very poor, I must working all kinds of jobs  for supporting my living cost.!..."
     Perhaps,  it was the reason for his studies and his improvement of his logic, and his leadership.
    He fell of success his dream,  but he was named  " Great Teacher of all times.." ( Van The Su Bieu ),  great teacher of many generations.  With more students in many generations in China,  he was also  Great Teacher for many race at many countries,  even he was unknown in the period he was living.."Spring-Autumn" ( Xuan Thu).
       Like Socrates,  he never accepted that he was the author of many philosophic or educational  theories,  of which he teached his students.  As he sais.. " I collected, and  changed for more comprehensible the texts of many generations,... before I teach my students..."   Among his students,  Chu Cong ( Chu Cong Dan),  the most brilliant was brother of   Chu Vu Vuong,  the First Emperor of the Chu Kingdom.about 6centuries before Khong Tu.
    Chu Cong gave us many precious books for the self discipline, the administration, and the politeness. He was also a man with may influence for the governments in the period of Spring-Autmun" ( Xuan Thu). The " Bible of Politeness"  ( Kinh Le)  of  Khong Tu gave many influence with "The Politeness of the Chu " ( Chu Le). which collected the complete ideas of Chu Cong.
     Among more the three thousand students, he had " seventy two great men" ( That Thap Nhi Hien), well known at that period. During the time of Khong Tu, just children of  the great people could go to school. Khong Tu changed the rule, teached all brilliant students, rich or poor. That was the great and important revolution for the people in any class.
     His text was enlightened by his three thousand students, by mouth from his generation to other generation.
    After three hundred years of his  death, the students began to carve his teaching to the pieces of wood for propagation. During the time he was living, Khong Tu was an hero, after his death, his students considered him as a Holy-Man who symbolized the brilliant civilisation, the greatest  intelligence of China. What he was saying, was carved in the rock. Each province has had the temple for his worship. Until today, thru many generation,nobody doubted the value of his teaching. The scholar men modified his teaching for more comprehensive, but no one might criticize his texts.
    Today, we can classify his texts in nine books: Five Bibles ( Ngu Kinh)  included  Litetary Bible (Kinh Thi ), Astronomy Bible ( Kinh Dich), Poetry Bible ( King Thu),  Politeness Bible ( Kinh Le) and Spring-Autumn Bible ( Kinh Xuan Thu).  The Spring- Autumn Bible was written as a history book with the events in the past, before Khong Tu. That was the difference between this Bible to others Bibles...Four great BooksTu Thu ), included Academy (Dai Hoc), Moderate ( Trung Dung), The Logic Theme( Luan Ngu) and one book named ..Manh Tu, .whose name was adopted by one of his famous disciple... a Scholar and Philosophe. This student 's living many generations after Khong Tu, about 6th century before Christ. This scholar made the explanation clearer for the population than the  texts of Khong Tu.
      Among nine books, The Logic theme was the most important book, its collected the highest intelligence of Khong Tu. This book mentioned the Doctrine of the  role of The Creator in the people's fate (Thien Menh Luan).Also in this book, Khong Tu would like to teach the King to govern people with the will of the Creator. He also mentioned the role of the hero's politeness toward the people. In The logic Theme, Khong Tu did not believe of Devil.." When we didn't worship Man, how we have to worship Devil?"  He repeated often the role of The Virtue and The Politeness to govern the population. He would like also to see the Education for the population, instead of rich, high class people.
     In the period of the Kingdom Tong, XI  and  XII  centuries, a scholar, Trinh Minh Dao, great student of Chu Hy, completed the explanation of the Nine Books of Khong Tu.   For that reason, the nouns The Door of Khong ( Cua Khong) and The Court of Trinh ( San Trinh), was well known since then,   for the Chinese  Education

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