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wandering ...with truong ngoc hanh / the masters...

The Masters
The Masterpieces ( of )/ The masterpieces, excerpts ( about ) ...


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the masters...

....In the literary world, we, avid readers, need to have in hand the masterpiece to adore, in the same time to enjoy what the excellent author presented about. Enlighten in reading is also important like... Supply food for the body.
...With this idea, I try with my best to present to You, the masterpieces. For sure, this taskforce  is also an personal idea...But the masterpiece says itself.
...Without helps from the others authors, I can not fulfil my wishes. Because of timing, the document is sometimes hundred years from now, I couldn't get in touch to a few of these authors for permission. I wish, these authors understand the purpose that I 'm devoting  for, and accept my apology for borrowing the documents.......

Stone Wall 1

                                                  Sera tamen respexit Libertas,
              There are many expressions for Love...The Love of God for the whole population in the world!... The religious leaders may show the life for this love. The Pope and the Others are respectable for this Love, by devoting the life for God.  Artists also expressed well this Love. The well known artist... Michael Angelo with the paintings in many monuments in Vatican. Vivaldi with many excellent pieces of musics for worship God.
        Chirst... died for us!...
        We serve this part for the great pastors with his authority...
       The other love must be contemplated .. It's the love of The Humanity.  Many philanthropists are giving the great amount of properties for  the society.
      The other love that we do not ignore!.. Love between Man and Woman.  The love of Adam and Eva was the great example of Love between Man and Woman!  Artist expressed many chef-d'oeuvres for that love... Shakespeare avec Romeo and Juliet.( When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,...);  Leonardo de Vinci with Mona Lisa;  Homer with his chef d'oeuvres: The Iliad (The warrior's eyes were clos'd in the endless night...),..and The Odyssey!(At home, a dear memorial of his friend. Soon as, divinest of her sex[Penelop] arrived...).   This love had different aspects under vision of Man and Woman.  We speak later in other places.
     In reality,  the love of the Duke of Windsor, he self-dethroned  his position as Emperor of Great Britain! for marrying his American Lady!...or...  the love of Robert Browning and  Elizabeth Barrett (crippled by car accident when she was a child!..), for me, is the most venerable Love in the world literature!... And many other love, we tell later for their beauty of the Love between Man and Woman...
   In this moment,...
   We can turn... page by.. page inside, for contemplating this Love... written by many great talent artists... also... literary  authors....
                                         Truong Ngoc Hanh,M.D.
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